A Really Cool Website Slideshow Plugin

Today, most website designs make use of some kind of a slideshow.

One could spend days, or maybe weeks checking out all the slide show plugins available. A quick search in the WordPress  plugin depository brings up 578 to choose from.

The “Master Slider” from Code Canyon, takes the cake in my book because of how much can be done with it.

  • It comes with 31 templates in which to layout your desired show.
  • You can set the desired height and width of the slides.
  • How they are transitioned.
  • Speed.
  • Whether transitioned horizontally or vertically.
  • Whether the slide show auto-plays or not.
  • Whether they pause at the end.
  • Pause on hover.
  • There are 6 ways to show the slider controls, etc,  etc., etc.

Below are several I set up to better show what can be done.

[masterslider id=”6″]


And below is a slideshow with captions across the bottom…

[masterslider id=”3″]


Here’s one with the slider inside a display…

[masterslider id=”8″]


This slider layout is called “3D Flow Carousel”

[masterslider id=”9″]


This one is a Slider with Vertical Tabs

[masterslider id=”10″]

Want To See More?

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