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About Brian

 Are you looking for a freelance website designer from Erie Pa?

freelance website designer Erie PaBrian Whiteman

  • Born & raised in Erie, Pa.
  • Graduated from McDowell High School
  • 4 years in US Navy
  • 1 year tour in Vietnam
  • Former licensed home builder in Florida
  • Former home remodeling and repair contractor
  • Former semi-truck driver
  • Online presence since 2006. (Always had products listed on the 1st pg in Google Searches)
  • Lead website designer for MCA Graphic Solutions LC.
  • Having been self employed most of my working life, I know the importance saving money wherever you can.

I have always endeavored to give people a quality product at a price below what the big guys charge.

As such, I still need to work into my retirement years…

Although I am available as a freelance website designer Erie Pa, I also sub-out my services to a fine graphics arts company – MCA Graphic Solutions. (I did not do their company website)

Being semi-retired, and working out of my home, I am able to give my customers individualized attention and build them a beautiful customer friendly website at a very reasonable price.

In the past, websites had to be individually designed by engineers who had an extensive knowledge of computer code.

This made the initial cost of a website out of reach for the small mom and pop businesses that contribute so much to our local economy.

More recently, website templates are being employed, streamlining the web design process, and making it a lot less expensive.

I have used several web design platforms over the 8+ years I’ve been doing business online.

I am now using Word Press as it allows for much more flexibility in the design process….

See Why I Like WordPress

It would be natural for you to wonder how much I know about SEO…Well,
  • When I had my first site – “Uniquely Horse” – I always had at least one product listed on the 1st page of Google. I often ranked higher than my suppliers in search results.
  • When I have done SEO for companies, always get them to the 1st page of Google and I usually get them to at least the 3rd pages of Google within 3 months.
  • One of my recent company is on the 1st 5 pages for several key keywords.
  • You found this site because of my SEO handy-work. – (Currently my SEO effort is getting my websites found on the 1st pg of Google, Bing and Yahoo for my chosen keywords!) ( I am too busy with my customers to keep myself in 1st place for all keywords, but I am doing very well considering I am the new guy on the block. )

Take a look at some of the websites I’ve done, look at some ways this theme can be modified,

Then, Let’s Talk…Ph: (814) 881-7617- (CLICK TO CALL on Mobile)

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