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Erie seo company gets your website seen on the web.

After your website is built, there are some other things to think about.

If it will be important for your site to appear in the search results when people search online for a business/product line like yours in the Erie, Pa area, you’ll need some affordable SEO. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Some customers just want a place to be able to send people to for one reason or another. In these cases, the total cost of the website will be minimal.
  • Others will want to be found when people search online for there type of business or products. A website that is competing nationally or internationally will require more seo and possibly some online advertising work in order to get noticed in an online search.

How much work are you planning on doing yourself ?

  • Time is money – the more we do, the more you have to pay …The more you do, the more it takes you away from your normal responsibilities.
  • Many want us to build the site, put a little info into it, and then teach them how to create and update for the future.
  • Others want us to not only build the website, but maintain it as well.
  • We can, if you like, actually teach you how to build and maintain a website from scratch.


Having a website does not mean your site will be found when people search on-line for your type of product or service.

  • If searchers know your name and search for it by name, you might have a chance of being found…but usually, instead, people do a generic search for the type of product or service they want . If you haven’t noticed yet, there are hundreds, thousands and even millions of websites competing for the attention of the same prospects you are hoping to attract.
  • There are things that are needed to be done to improve your chances of being found in an on-line search.

Here’s a slight glimpse of what goes into building and maintaining a website.

  • Finding The Best Theme
  • Theme Updating.
  • Researching Plugins
  • Plugin Updating
  • Business expansion.
  • Pay Per Click advertising.
  • Content writing.
  • Social Media
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO .
  • Meta data.
  • Image resizing
  • Image Compression
  • Data File Backup
  • Security


Your website starts with a “Domain Name”.

This is what one usually sees in the address bar of the browser, like ””. The domain name is the least expensive element of the web design experience. Companies charge any where from about 7.99 to 19.00 / year. I have seen some of the so called “cheap” web hosts charge as high as $29.99 /year after the first year!

Domain privacy is available.

Domain privacy will help you to NOT be inundated with unsolicited email and mail offers from new companies wanting to sell you something you don’t need.

Web Hosting will be another ongoing expense.

After you have all this information about your company organized into “web pages”, you need a way for people of the world to be able to see it. It’s like when you take a picture of your dog, people can’t see it on your phone or camera, unless they are right there with you so you can show it to them. If you wanted everyone in the world to see it, you would have to put it somewhere that is accessible to the whole world.

That’s where the www (world wide web) comes into play. Companies around the world have set up very large computers to store all your website content to be able to have it accessible 24/7 so anyone, anywhere, with web access, can see it.

Web hosting has a lot of variables in terms of service, amenities and price. Some sites advertise “Free” websites, but then charge outrageous prices for on going services. I have recently seen companies charging as high as $50.00/mo. JUST FOR WEB HOSTING!.

Currently, the company I use charges $3.99/mo for up to 3 years. then $11.95/mo. thereafter. This will include unlimited sub-domains, free email accounts,  free ssl,  free daily backups and a lot more. (Most charge additional for all these listed services.)

(If your site is an E commerce site, selling lots of products, there can be additional charges for an upgraded SSL certificate as required by internet regulations. You will also need a “store” platform to build your site on. Most will be happy with the free “Woocommerce” system.)


We understand the importance of being able to afford a website.

Many companies are charging thousands of dollars for a basic website. My first website cost me $5,000 just for the front page and, after that, I had to learn how to add, ALL my own content.

Not only are many companies charging thousands of dollars just for a website, but they are also charging Hugh hourly rates each month just to maintain the site. Now, keeping up with technology and the constant menace of online hackers and staying ahead of the competition does require maintenance, but our hourly rates make it a whole lot more affordable.

Get Higher Search Results With Our Erie SEO

  • Dominating 1 st Page on Google!

    Dominating 1 st Page on Google!

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    1st On Google Search In 30 Days

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    1st On Google Search - Another Keyword

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    1st Page Google Search

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    Page 1 Google Search

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    1st Spot Bing Search

  • 1st Page Bing Search

    1st Page Bing Search

  • 1 st Page on Bing!

    1 st Page on Bing!

Our website design company can build a really nice professionally designed website for around $350.00. If you just need a blog, that will probably be all you need.