A WOW factor we were not expecting.

Scope of work:
Rebuilt website, uploaded more than 300 pictures, worked on wording, links, design, formatting and organization of information, worked out bugs and problems in the web page, worked to rank us high up in google search results and modernized website. Added link to Facebook. Monitors website regularly to make sure no problems develop, updates pictures and wording as requested.

We hired Brian to rebuild our website, because our old designer was retiring. Brian gave us an initial quote and did the work, as promised, quickly and efficiently, and his price was right on target. After realizing we were too busy to complete the rebuilding of the website ourselves, Brian took over and gave us a completed website with a WOW factor we were not expecting. His price was very good and actually a bit less than what we know others are charging, and the service and end product were even better than we had anticipated. He does excellent work and our website is beautiful! We highly recommend Brian for his honesty, integrity, ability and knowledge of the industry. We will only hire people we can trust completely and Brian is one of those people. I have also hired Brian to do handyman-type work in my rentals and he always does a great job there. He knows how to do just about any type of smaller job and he does it well. He’s punctual and reliable and he always cleans up after himself!
Debora Goetz,  Erie, Pa

 Co-Owner; Harbervette.com