Low Cost Website Design


Having known Brian for many years, I can testify to his creativity and intuitiveness that presents itself in his website presentations.

He has a Geek Squad knowledge of website design and an uncanny ability to produce a great final product.

I first hired Brian to add a page for me on his Blog “DIY Home Fix IT Tips“. At that point I was selling my handcrafted tables and lamps and he easily set me up with PayPal in order to sell them online from his blog. Recent demands on my time as a caretaker for my elderly father have dictated that I back away from that endeavor so the links to PayPal have been removed.

I was thoroughly impressed with his speed as I watched him build the web page right in front of my eyes. (He came to my house.) I especially liked the way he was able to come up with catchy names for all of my furniture pieces.

Because of the system he uses, my webpage was built really quick and I was glad to pay the fee he required.

Thanks again Brian, for a great job!!!