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How To Use Popups On Your Website

Popups, used sparingly, are effective ways to communicate specific messages.

Different message types look and behave differently, but they all have many common characteristics. For instance, most message types will allow you to set a headline, a body text, a label for the ‘call to action’ button, a link for that button, theme and styling options, animation effect and the position on the page where that message should appear.

The popup plugin used on this site allows for 6 different types of messages.

All these messages have many customizable options to suit your individual taste and need.

These messages can be timed to appear at specific times and on any or all pages of the site.

I have tried to set examples of the different types to appear shortly so you can see how they all look.

The 1st will be a “Sticky Note” (Pro Plan)

It can be placed in any of 9 different positions on a page. (Click the X to close it)

2nd to show will be an “Action Bar”

An action bar is a proven attention grabber. It shows up as a solid bar either at top or bottom. Use it for your most important messages or time sensitive announcements. Put longer content in it and it acts like a collapsible panel! Choose any color you like.

3rd will be a “Messenger”

A messenger is best used to invoke interest while your visitor is reading your content. Users perceive it as something new, important and urgent and are highly likely to click on it. This messege will come up from either the right or left as desired.

4th will be the “Popup”

Lightbox popup windows are most widely used for lead capture, promotions and additional content display. Ask visitors to sign up to your newsletter, or like you on social networks, or tell them about a special offer…

The 5th one will be a “Toast Notifications”

Want to alert your visitor about some news, an update from your blog, a social proof or an offer? Use this unique toast notification, it will catch their attention, let them click on the message, to be taken to the appropriate location or, if no action is taken, it will disappear after a short while. The “Toast” notification can be placed in 7 different locations.

The last one will be an “Exit Intent”

This popup can be modified and used in similar ways as the ones shown above.

It will appear when you go to click the browser back button.


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